Organised a workshop by English department (21-02-2019)

A workshop was organized by the English Department in Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College Barara under the supervision of Dr. Sushma, in charge of the English department, with the permission of the college principal Dr. Praveen Verma. The main purpose of this workshop was by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi To make the awareness about the Prime Minister's skill development plan was executed.In this workshop Mr. Vijendra Panchal Mrs. Ranjit Chauhan Trainer, Madam Rajani Retail Trainer explained to the girl students in detail about automotive service technician, assistant electrician, retail trainer associate, customer relationship management, front office, associate training. This training is provided free of charge to girls. The main objective of the scheme is to make the unemployed people economically capable of the country's millions Uwaon is to provide training related to various industries and training these young people at the end is given by the government is a certificate that is finding them jobs and helps your future dresser.