To educate school students about the training of higher education institutions (23-02-2019)

Under the Haryana School Education Project Council, Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara,organized the program to apprise the students of secondary and senior secondary level schools in the training of higher education institutions organized by the college Principal Dr. Praveen Verma Dr. Sushma Incharge of the English Department. Dr. Navneet Kaur, Prof. Reena Nagpal was kept in the view. In which 15 to 18 year old school students participated in the yoga, story, Haryanvi dance, Mehindi, Antakshari,Poem, dance activites with college students.During this program, Dr. Sushma attended school Explaining to the students,all of you also have to get education in college after getting education in school and it is a golden opportunity for all of you that you should During college,the colleges are being made aware of the institutions.In our college, seven job oriented courses are organized along with graduation in which the girl students get the opportunity to get a job in their life and also about the facilities of the college in detail.Told that the school student should set the goal of his life and get the education from this college to succeed in his life. This opportunity At present the college staff and school staff.