National Seminar Organise by Music Department on the topic New Innovations in Vocal and Instrumental Music(27-02-2019)

A two-day national seminar on the topic "New Innovations in Vocal and Instrumental Music" organized by Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara, College Principal Dr. Praveen Verma, Coordinator Daljit Kaur, Madam Meenakshi and Shri Under the supervision of Jitendra kumar.The seminar was started by the students of the Music Department by singing the words.The chief guest in the seminar, Dr Saroj Ghosh, DT Unnikrishnan Kheragarh, Dr. Sudhir Sharma from Punjabi University, came from Kurukshetra.College Principal Dr. Praveen Verma received a warm welcome from all the guests.And explained in detail what has happened in vocal and instrumental.The music is associated with our lives.In the atmosphere of the Gods, the Gods reside in the music of the melodious melodious music.Today, new techniques are being used in music and we should connect them with those new techniques without music without music, incomplete.We do any work We can not learn in one day. We have to train to learn anything.Only by training, we become complete in that art. With this, Dr. Saroj Ghosh spoke in the seminar The music that surrounds us is to join us with music to eliminate the negative thinking of our life, because music only gives us new energy. He explained in detail the topics like singing, playing, folk songs, singing styles, sounds, gram fainting, sun rhythm etc.. All music is made only from the sound. Dr. Unnikrishnan and Dr. Sudhir Sharma through their music, through the medium of their vocal vocal and instrumental Made aware of new changes in
With this, Manoj Kumar, Balwant Singh, Jaswinder Kaur, Ekta from Punjab University, Anu Verma from Arya Girls College, Dr.  Sanchi from  Kurukshetra, Sourav Verma, Kapil Dev, Balwant Lecturer also presented the paper on new innovation in vocal and instrumental music. At the conclusion of the program, Dr. Daljeet Kaur thanked everyone.