* GALVANIC - It is used for facials.

* ULTRASONIC - It is used in facials.

* FACE STEAMER - It is used to steam the face during facials.

* HIGH FREQUENCY - It is used in facials.

* FACIAL BED - It is used in facials and other face treatments.

* CURLING ROD - It is used to curl the hair.

* HAIR DRYER - It is used to dry the wet hair.

STRAIGHTENER - It is used to straightening the hair.

* HAIR STEAMER - It is used in Hair spa to Steam the hair.

* MENICURE/PEDICURE TUB - It is used for cleaning of Hands and foot.

* BRIDAL CHAIR - It is used to ready the bridal.

* GERMIX STERILIZER - It is used to store combs and other materials for protecting them from microorganism.

* VANITY - It is used to kept makeup materials.

* TOOLS TROLLEY - It is used to kept different tools of cosmetology.


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