legal literacy cell


The cell strives to make girl aware of their legal right.It empowers them to fight gender Discrimination and injustice in domestic and social life. Lectures by eminent lawyers are organized on important everyday legal issue.

1-We celeberate voters day every year to aware the young girls about their voting rights.All the students were inspired for unbiased voting . All the students and staff members took the pledge for fair participations in the Election on 25 January every year since 2011 on voters day.
2- Equal opportunities must be provided to all youth irrespective of cast,creed,gender,race, religion etc. There are various issues of nepotism and favouritism that is eating away the actual talent of the country. We must make sure the every youth has the chance to prove themselves. The zeal of enthusiasm must be channelized properly to help the girls prosper with fresh energy.
3- We organises workshop on harassment issues of girls. We create awareness among girls on this sensitive issues also.

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