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Gandhian Studies & Research Centre established in our college 2010 with vision and aim of spreading the message of Mahatma Gandhi among the students. It is by projecting an integrated view of life that Mahatma Gandhi lived.


 Gandhian Studies & Research Centre organizes Extention Lectures, Workshops, Seminars (National & International), and Competitions, Swachchta Abhiyan, Student’s seminars, Run for unity, and Training Programmes on Gandhism and its contemporary relevance. Gandhian studies & Research centre always try to do research work on Gandhian Philosophy & ideology. Suitable publications promote and propagate Gandhian values. Gandhian studies & Research centre   celebrate the birth anniversary and Punyatithi of Mahatma Gandhi in meaningful ways. Gandhian Studies & Research centre creates the awareness about the life and the message of Mahatma Gandhi through educational programmes like exhibition, films & posters etc. It enhances moral values, self confidence, and self awareness among the students as well as in the society.  

One day National workshop organised on Role of youth in national building (18-01-2020) More Photos
International Seminar(24 february 2021) More Photos
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My experience with NHPS,Billaspur over the last 5 years has been very satisfying as it has provided a strong foundation for my son as he has grown thru his formative years. The learning methodology has given him the opportunity to develop his learning, exploratory and inquisitive side thru his tenure here. He and now his sister continue to enjoy themselves.

Umresh Kumar

To see our children wake up each morning and look forward to go to school is the first sign that there is something about the place that a young mind discerns, as a space she/he feels welcomed and accepted. Agreed, there have been moments of anxiety that many a parents chose to walk away from and take their ward along.