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This institute was founded in 1981 with the blessings of Sant Mohan Singh Ji who donated all his wordly possessions including land and buildings to Labana community for the welfare of the people of this area. The community rightly decided to utilize this generous donation for setting up this college for the education of the girls of the area, who otherwise had to go to far off places to receive higher education. Thus the setting up of this institution, saved the parents of the girls of the neighboring villages from the inconvenience suffered by them and expenses incurred on sending their wards to outstation for higher education.

This college was granted recognition by the Kurukshetra University in July, 1982 and got U.G.C. affiliation (2f) in 1991.

The college being governed by minority community and being rural-based girls’ institution caters to the need of the education of the girls mostly belonging to weaker section of society.

The college administration believes in the tradition of “Guru Shishya Parampara” thus inculcating in the students moral values and ‘Morning Assembly is especially marked for this purpose, where the concentration of ‘mind and soul’ is practiced.

The students are also told about the importance of leading contented life with minimum materialistic needs and the motto of ‘Simple living and high thinking’ is instilled in them.

Well qualified and experienced staff members are striving hard to attain excellence in academic field. During the session 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, the results in the commerce Deptt. were cent percent and the result of other classes were much above the university pass percentage. The students belonging to SC and ST/BC categories avail special concessions like stipend and scholarships. The meritorious and brilliant students are given awards and university scholarships.

The students have won laurels for the college by participating in the different activities being carried on under different cells like Cultural & Youth Welfare, Women Cell, N.S.S and Career Guidance etc.The awareness rallies regarding cleanliness drive, tree plantation and helping the people in the hour of distress are some of the features which highlight the on going co-curricular activities. Through the activities of different cells working in the college the students and the staff come in direct contact with the community people and try to involve themselves with them while solving different problems and imparting knowledge on current issues.

The discipline of the college is par excellence. The Principal could be able to accelerate the development process with the guidance of the management and with the cooperation of the efficient and the dedicated staff. The college though named after a community, never restricts itself to a particular section of society and provides all possible help to the students from different communities with openness of heart. The healthy and cordial rapport exits between the teachers and the students enabling the institution to work for the common cause. With the direction of the chair and its strenuous and ceaseless efforts, the college sanguinely looks forward to prospects of a par excellence further ahead. Improvements and additions have also taken place regarding supports services of the college. Expansion of the library starting of 7 Add-on-Courses and introduction of 4 Studies & Research Centres, addition of some more computers and beautification of campus and dispensary for girls are some of the innovations. The college staff is thus working as an integrated unit benefitted from growth oriented relationship amongst its various units. The institution feels pride to have a highly qualified and experienced Principal and staff. Some of the staff members are actively involved in research activities.

The institution humbly plans to utilize its resources to maximum gain from the aids given by the government and also received from the U.G.C.The institution have much better potential in the years ahead. It earnestly looks forward to the invaluable suggestions from the experts NAAC and Peer Team visit for its betterment in promoting quality and excellence in higher education.

The long desired association forming the Alumni of this college has also taken shape by dint of the initiative and sincere efforts of the Principal and staff. In its periodical meeting the number of the old students is increasing.

Many of the students who have passed out of this institution are well settled. Some of them have gone abroad after getting married. Most of the students are pursuing higher studies. Some have taken up mainly teaching job and others are working in private sectors and mostly are self-employed. We hopefully wish that this association will be a great asset for the college, financially and otherwise.
The college has opened up a dispensary which is visited by a lady doctor twice a week. The general check-up of the students is done free. The medicine is also provide free of cost to them.

A humble beginning for renovation work has been already started which will be able to provide better infrastructural facilities to the students in future. Multipurpose hall has already been done. The future plans include expansion of college library, with more books and computerization, reading room etc.
Further plan is to provide better sports facilities and improve quality in all Add-on courses and seek permission to continue Studies & Research Centres.

Being a rural based minority governed institution its limitations are honestly accepted. But we are hopeful that college administration with its dedicated and painstaking employees will through its lofty ideas and clear vision materialize its plans in the coming years and carve a nitch for itself.

The College organizes monthly Sangrand in the Gurudwara Sahib, during which all Students, Staff members and management are attended the function. The college also celebrates Barsi of Sant Mohan Singh ji on 03 March every year. During this function Akhand Path is organized and on 3rd March kirtan by college students, staff and Ragi Jatha is organized. Approximate 5,000 Sangat attend the function. The function is finished with Guru Ka langar for all the sangat.

On beginning of new session the path shri sukhmani sahib is organized which is attend by the all new and old students, staff and management are attended the function.

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