A Library is regarded as a social institution. For the growth and development of a modern society. Communication of Knowledge has been increasingly important. A library is concerned with means of communication of knowledge .A college library serves students and teachers. It is expected to support the objectives of the college. Thus the basic function is to assist its parent body to carry out its programme .It must adequality serve the needs and requirements of the teachers and students towards reading, study and research .Many new techniques have come in library Lecture through Eduset on all subjects are available in library. Fully computerized Library equipped with latest gadgets is one of the remarkable attractions of the college. Well stacked shelves are enriched with quality books. Library has 13 subscribes Newspapers, 35 Magazines. It can boast of having the capability of being the rich source of study material for research scholars. The library provides financial assistance to the needy students a full set of books is also provided to the needy &meritorious students. Earn while learn scheme has also been working for some years.


College Magazine

We have thoughts bubbling every moment; emotions that need expression; talent to create something new. "Mohan Jyoti"-college magazine provides an opportunity to the students and staff members having a flair for writing.

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