Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulations

  • A student on the rolls of college shall be bound by the college discipline inside and outside the college.

  • Students shall not bring outsiders to the college as outsiders are not permitted

  • No Political & Non-Academic meetings of any sort can be held in the college premises without the prior written permission of the Principal

  • No notice may be displayed on the Notice Board unless it bears the signature of the Principal or is issued from the office, The students should make it a habit consult the Notice Board daily.

  • While paying fee at the window or making any enquiry from any office counter, the students must stand quietly in queue.

  • Disturbing the classes and calling out any student from the class during the periods is a serious offence
  • Proper discipline be unmaintained inside the classes.
  • Students are expected to pay due respect to the teachers. If anyone indulges in misbehavior with the teachers, she will be severely dealt with The name of student remaining absent for ten cons urine working days will be struck off from the college rolls as per instructions of K.U.K. She will be readmitted as per rules of readmission.
  • A student guilty of misconduct shall be liable not only to expulsion from the College/ University but also be debarred from appearing in examination of any University in India,
  • The students must carry their Identity Cards with them everyday which can be checked by any staff member at any time and whenever they have to collect certificate DMC/ Scholarship, Bus/Rail Pass, security and other documents from the office.
  • No Student will be allowed to undertake Full Time/Part Time Job/Work in Govt,/Semi Govt. / Private Sector.
  • No Student will be allowed to join any other course or class in any other college/institution.
  • Having Sim card/Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited Defaulters will be fined Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000/- respectively on spot.
  • The latest instruction/notifications regarding rules and regulations and syllabi issued by the K.U./Haryalla Govt. from time to time shall be implemented.
  • Misuse of Internet, downloading of pornographic or other objectionable material is prohibited Any body found indulging in such activities will be dealt with very sternly.

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