Organise a competition by women cell (08-03-2019)

At Santa Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara on 8 March 2019 ,on the occasion of International Women's Day Competitions were organized by the women's cell.  There are slogan competition, poetry recitation contest, and Speech competition .A large no. Of students participated in these competitions.This competition Organized under the supervision of the incharge of women cell Prof. Anupam Gupta. Worthy principal Praveen Verma, also speak about women empowerment and Prof. Anupama Gupta also encouraged the students to move forward in their life. In speech competition Vaishali I, Tamanna II, Neetu got third place. In this competition, Dr. Surjeet Kaur, Dr. Sadhna and Prof. Reena Nagpal played the role of jury. In the poetry recitation competition, Sheetal I, Priyanka II and Sakshi got third place. In this competition, Dr. Daljeet Kaur, Dr. Ritu Chandna Pro. Pooja Bairagi played the role of jury. Subhalata first, Simran II and Neha Saini third place in the slogan competition. In this competition, Dr. Shammi Chawla, Dr. Indu Vij, Dr. Sushma, Dr. Seems Saini played the role of jury. The entire staff and students were present there and all the staff members also speak about women power.