Organised a Extension Lecture by Career Counselling Cell

At Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara, an extension lecture was organized by the Career Counseling Cell, With the permission of the college principal Dr. Parveen Verma under the supervision of Dr. Ritu Chandna from Department of commerce.In which Shri Parveen Sharma came from IBS Coaching Center and took scholarship test for the bank coaching and college students got a good score in the test.The students with high score will get some relaxation in bank coaching fee. About 200 students of B.A and B.Com participated in this test.On this occasion, Shri Parveen Sharma gave a lecture on personality development in which he told that it is necessary to have internal qualities rather than our external qualities .Our honesty, communication skills and positive thinking,  Motivate us to go ahead in our life.In the end Dr. Ritu Chandana thanked Praveen Sharma for giving college students an opportunity to take advantage of scholarship for banking coaching.