A rally was organized in village Suhana on the second day of NSS camp

At Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara, the main Theme of the program a step towards cleanliness, Nutrition Campaign, the second day of the seven day NSS camp was done under the supervision of NSS Camp, Program Officer Dr Shashi Khurana.In which Miss Anchal Sharma from Delhi Through the training of her Yoga, She inspired the volunteers that Yoga can be healthy, physically and spiritually.The committee members gave their green signal and left the volunteers for a rally in the village Suhana.The volunteers and program officer Dr. Shashi Khurana received the Sarpanch of  Shree Vikas Rana and asked him about the work done for the convenience of the village. Vikas Rana also warmly welcomed everyone in the village of Suhana and gave his full support to the rally. He gave a green signal to volunteer. The women were released for the rally. The volunteers made the right nutritional country illuminating the malnutrition, giving away the malnutrition to the poor, supplying food to the poor, make the earth mother, call it around, improve the awareness of the people through the slogans.The girl students also go to the streets and home to ask people questions about the nutrition campaign from the people.To give nutritious food to pregnant women and to feed the children milk of good quality.They were encouraged to give green vegetables.The volunteers made the people aware of the people there, by giving them right amount of iron, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. through their speeches to create healthy youth. Finally, Dr. Shashi Khurana thanked Shri Vikas Rana  that he supported her in this rally and the work which he has been doing for the convenience of the village was also flown for them and Expressed gratitude.