Three Days Athletic Meet Organized by the Physical Department (28-03-2019)

Three-day Athlete Meet was organized at Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College, Barara in the view of Dr. Shammi Chawla, in charge of the physical department. At least 150 students participated. On this occasion, the District Youth Organization President Tarun Kaushal ji attended the college. Mr. Tarun Kishan, the head of the District Youth Development Foundation, gave this opportunity to the winners in the Games, and awarded by the state-level wrestling tourney was organized at  S.M.S Khalsa Girls College Barara which gave the opportunity to participate in wrestling competition to students in rural area.He  inspired the students to become self-sufficient.
College president Mr. Deedar Singh ji also told the college students about the importance of sports and Yoga that sports and Yoga are an important part of our lives. Apart from sports, we get rid of mental stress, then yoga prevents us from diseases. They motivated the girl students to send the message of Yoga to the house. During this timeDr. Praveen Verma, the college principal encouraged the girl students to perform better in sports and Congratulating them for their bright future, and likewise, they should brighten the name of their college and family by winning the games in the future.Information given by the incharge of Physical Department, Prof. Shammi Chawla, the result of the games like this. In long jump first kalpna, Sapna, Deepshikha II, Shikha III, in the 400 meter race, Sapna I, Usha II, Deepshikha III, in High Jump kalpna I, Deepshikha II, Monika III, in the Javlin Throw Monika I, Minni II, Kalpana III, in the short put Minni I, Kalpana II, Deepshikha III, in the 50 meter race Sapna I, Kalpana II, Usha III, in the 200 meters race Sapna I, Kalpana II, Usha III, in the Discuss Throw Gulshan I, Minni II, Kalpana III, in the 800 meter race Sapna I, Usha II, Deepshikha III, In the Slow Cycling Minni I, Shital II , Aanchal III, In the Relay Race Shikha, Monika, Usha, Sapna I, Minni, Deepshikha, Priyanka, Kalpana II, Neha, Avni, Jasmindra, Ankita III. On this occasion, the College Managing members and all staff were present.