Lecture on Malnutrition was organized by NSS Department(26-09-2019)

On behalf of the NSS Department, the lecture on the problems of increasing malnutrition was organized under the supervision of Mrs. Seema Saini, Member of the NSS Department with the permission of the College Principal Dr. Praveen Verma.On this occasion, Mrs Monika, who came from RCM company, told the college girls about the physical deficiencies caused by malnutrition.
With this, Dr. Indrajit Jha told the students that we should take a balanced diet instead of fast food. We need seven nutritional elements like water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber. To avoid malnutrition, we need to have a balanced diet.  Simultaneously, exercise should also be adopted in our life. In spite of being physically healthy, we should keep checking our body periodically.